Kosher Travel

Taste traditional kosher cuisine while exploring the Bel Paese. Wherever you are in Italy, we can accommodate your needs.

How it Works

Pick Your Date

Flights to Italy booked? Let us know when you’re planning your event and we’ll find the perfect venue to cater for your needs?

Hands-on Cooking

We’ll travel to your accommodation or a suitable venue nearby for a cooking demo or catered dinner.

Dine on your Dishes

This is your holiday — enjoy it how you want. Just sit back and relax as our team takes care of everything or get involved yourself and learn the art of traditional Italian cooking! 

About Us

We have been welcoming curious travellers to Rome and Italy for more than 10 years. 


Nothing brings us more pleasure than sharing the best of Jewish Italy with our international guests. That’s why what started as a passion has become our main business. 


Every event is unique, and every client deserves personalized attention. That’s why we invest all our time, passion and creativity into shaping the perfect kosher catered event for you.


We’ve had the honour of hosting many events during our time in business. But what sets us apart is that we never delegate. We attend every event ourselves to ensure that our certified kosher standards are always implemented.

Kosher Certification

Let's Make Your Vacation that Extra Bit Special

Wherever you're going in Italy, we can provide you with authentic kosher-certified cuisine, cooking demos, and more!

Elite Kosher Catering

Our Services

Browse our other Elite Kosher services to see how we can transform your Italian vacation into something truly special. 

Wedding Catering

Enjoy your dream wedding in the heart of Tuscany

Kosher Travel

Catered events and authentic experiences across the country.

Shabbat Meals

Catering your every need, whatever the event.