Wedding Catering in Tuscany

Live your dream wedding in stunning surroundings in the heart of the Tuscan countryside

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Kosher Catering

Enjoy customized menus of Kosher excellence. We are certified by the Rabbinic Jewish Community of Rome and have brought consistently creative, delicious catering to clients from all over the world.


Relax in the stunning setting of a 13th-century rustic villa, which overlooks the rolling hills of Tuscany and which has been designed with luxury and comfort in mind.

Live Music

Whatever vibe you’re going for, we can make it happen. Dance late into the night with a Jewish live band and/or DJ.

Chuppa & Floral Decorations

Enjoy an unforgettable, picture-perfect ceremony with exquisite chuppa and floral arrangements. We’ll take care of everything, so you can enjoy every moment.

Why Elite Kosher Catering?

We have been welcoming curious travelers to Italy for more than 5 years. But it’s not only our experience that sets us apart; it’s our expertise, passion, and professionalism. 


Because nothing brings us more pleasure than sharing the best of Jewish cuisine with our guests, what started as a passion has become our main business. 


Every event is unique, and every client deserves personalized attention. That’s why we invest all our time, passion and creativity into shaping the perfect kosher catered event for you.


We’ve had the honour of hosting many events during our time in business. But what sets us apart is that we don’t delegate. We attend every event ourselves to ensure that our certified kosher standards are always implemented.

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Elite Kosher Catering

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